Red Gum BBQ is hiring! 

Do you have a passion for amazing food, excellent customer service and you want to be part of a vibrant and committed team and growing brand with the all kinds of cool possibilities?! Do you want to work for a company where you are more than just an employee but part of the family? Then we just may be the place for you. 

Are you hard-working, reliable and nice? This is our trifecta of qualities we seek in new employees. They are not just a list of job-seeking babble for you to skip over but to seriously consider. 

  • Are you hard-working? Do you aim to do a job better than is expected? Do you find work Do you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in giving your best to things?
  • Are you reliable? Do you do what you say you're going to do? Are you there when you're expected to be? Do people count on you to have integrity, be trustworthy and dependable? 
  • Are you nice? Do you enjoy smiling? Do you seek ways to support those around you through kindness and action? Do you hope that people who encounter you feel heard and appreciated?

New Role! Retail, Sales and Events Gun (Representative)

Red Gum BBQ is looking for a gun Retail, Sales and Events Representative. If this sounds intriguing - and you have our trifecta of qualities as listed above - check out the PD here below and send your CV and some general info about what makes you, you - to 

Remember - step 1 in putting your best foot forward is understanding and following the process. 

1. Think - am I REALLY hard working, reliable and nice? If the answer is yes - go to step 2. 

2. Read through the PD on the button below. Does this sound like something I'm A. totally qualified for or B. am kind of qualified for but I have so much smarts and enthusiasm that I could smash this in no time. If yes, step 3. 

3. Send a copy of your most recent CV and a few sentences about you and what you want from this role to: 

4. If you have made it this far, you are most of the way there. We look forward to meeting you! Thanks for taking the time. 

For general inquiries about employment, please submit your details here: 

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