BOOKINGS: We take bookings for any number - up to 30! But in order to accommodate everyone, we have had to introduce seating times meaning we need to get the tables back to allow others to join us. 

These seating times are: 

Wednesday - Friday, all parties under 10: 2 hours / Wednesday - Friday, all parties 11+: 2.5 hours Saturday & Sunday, parties of 1-6: 1.5 hours, parties of 7-10: 2 hours and parties of 11+: 2.5 hours.  (Groups of 20+ are required to select a GROUP SET MENU for all members of the party)

We usually maintain a certain set percentage of the space for walk-ins, so you can often just pop on by but we recommend you call us first. If you'd like to make a booking, all of these are now done online - see BOOK NOW button below. 

Please do check our Events page to see if there's something special on the day you're hoping to visit because we do have ticketed events and parties that sell out and are not open to walk ins. 

We have a cancellation policy that requires 48 hours notice to change or cancel a booking. For large bookings,  you may be charged a cancellation fee to the value of $50 per person if you cancel after the 48 hour period or simply don't attend.  If you are late to your booking, please advise us asap. We may cancel your booking if you don't arrive within 15 minutes of your reserved time. 

Some things to note about our joint: 

  • We have so much yummy meat - but it does sell out. This is the downside to low and slow and big, long cook times. If you want to make sure you get something, think about coming earlier in the day. We do try to replace sold out items with specials so hopefully you'll find something else to enjoy.

  • Our tables are long, wooden picnic-style tables and benches in the true Southern style. This means that you and your group will likely be tucked up next to another. We hope and expect you'll make new friends in the process. If you are a group of 10-12, you will have a whole table to yourself.

  • Yes, we have loads of wonderful things for your kiddies - including a little play area, colouring sheets, change facilities, highchairs and plenty of space for them to roam and for you to relax (however, please, please, please don't relax so much your kids are running or screaming. Our other non-kiddie diners may be 'relaxing' too. :)). Please let us know in your booking notes if you'd like to have highchairs or be near the kids area. We will do our best to accomodate these requests.

  • Yes, we have an outdoor space where you can enjoy the sun and the breeze - if it's a nice day and you'd like to be outside, please also note this in your reservation. We'll do our best.

  • Yes, we have gluten free and vegetarian items to enjoy. But I'm sorry, many of our vegetarian items, in true Southern tradition have mayonnaise, butter or cheese and as such, are not vegan friendly.

  • Yes, we have wheelchair access, amenities and loads of space.



Red Gum BBQ uses only the highest quality ingredients. We exclusively use free range or bred free range meat and source local and seasonal ingredients. Our mayonnaise is homemade, using free range eggs. We smoke using local native Australian hardwoods over 12-16 hours. What may be time consuming and expensive, is also what we believe is ethical, responsible and yummy. Ask us about where we get our meat and how we smoke.

In addition to our main menu, the lunch specials are available Wednesday - Friday from 11am-4pm

Large Group Booking Form (10+ guests): 

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