Prepare for traffic delays this Saturday, but we promise, the BBQ will be well worth the wait! 

The Herald Sun Jayco Bike Tour is happening up our way this Saturday, 2 Feb! So with our local Red Hill market on and lots of fun to be had in the area, we thought we'd give you an update into traffic and access to Red Gum on the day to make sure you know the quickest and easiest access to getting your smokey BBQ fix. Attached is a little map pic of a route you can take to avoid getting stuck in the heavy of the race on the day and attached are more details about traffic - where and when closures are happening and where we sit in the mix. Important to note: YOU WILL BE ABLE TO EAT BBQ ALL DAY LONG. But you may need to add a few minutes onto your trip (10-15) if timeliness is your thing (and you've got a booking) to allow for delays. Get in touch if you've got any questions!

See you this weekend for your well deserved back to school, let's all celebrate BBQ & Beer. 🍗🍺

road closures2.JPG
road closures1.JPG
road closures3.JPG